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Charlestown, Massachusetts, (part of the Boston area), is where my Grandparents, Caleb Hammond Burnham and Bertha Eva "Berry" Burnham raised eight children.  Esther Lou born 1898, Carrie Gertrude born 1899, Bertha born 1900, Marion born 1902, Atwood Henry born 1904, Arthur (my Father) Born 1906, William Born 1911 and Melvin born 1919.  I don't have any memory of my grandfather at all and very little of  my grandmother.  Atwood (At) and William (Billy) came into my life a couple of times early in my life.  I don't have any memories at all of the other siblings.

Caleb Hammond Burnham was born April 9, 1875 in Newburyport, MA and passed away on March 20, 1925 in Bostom, MA.  He is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery in Everett, MA.  He married Bertha Eva Berry on March 28, 1897.  Bertha was born Sept. 21, 1876 in Roxbury, MA. (section of Boston) and passed away on January 17, 1945 at Boston City Hospital.  Burial was in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Caleb's parents were John Henry Burnham born in 1820 in New Brunswick, Canada and Emeline Hammond born around 1831 in Nova Scotia, Canada.  John Henry was a ships carpenter and both of his parents were from Scotland.    Both of Emeline's parents were from Nova Scotia.

Bertha's parents were Atwood A. Berry born in 1845 in Richmond, Maine and Melinda C. Low born 1849 in Deer Isle, Maine. It is believed Atwood's parents names were Sumnery Berry and Drucilla, but this is undocumented.  According to the 1880 census he was a teamster.    It is believed Melinda's parents were Thomas Low and Sarah Clifton (married 1842) not documented.  By 1880 they had three children Louis L born 1875, Bertha and Bessie M. born 1878

Marion, born 1902, married Simon Peter Canty on August 2, 1929 and lived in Charlestown until the 1980's when they moved to Everett, MA.  Marion and Simon Peter had eight children, George Howard who passed away in 1995, Mary Linda passed away in 1999, Barbara Ann passed away in 2002, Martin Francis passed away in  infancy, Simon Peter Jr, William Francis, John Joseph, and Catherine Louise.  Marion "Burnham" Canty passed away in 1996.

Simon Peter Jr. married and had one daugher, Blanche "Canty" Yanovich.  Mary Linda married twice (Dick Ryan and Mason Heuston) and had five children all living in the North Shore of MA area.  Barbara married Roy Wardell in Vermont and had seven children.  Catherine married and had three daughters. They are still in the Boston area.  Blanche and her husband have two sons.

I don't know what brought my father, (Arthur Burnham, born 1906), to the Albany County or Schoharie County areas where he met my mother, (Hattie Mae "Acker" Hoose).  For reasons not known to me they moved to Mt. Vernon, N.Y. where I was born in 1931.  There was a short residence in Alcove, N.Y. and I'm not sure if this was before or after Mt. Vernon, but in 1936 they settled in Middletown, N.Y. at 58 Wawayanda Ave., where I grew up.  While in the Middletown area he worked as a Boiler Maker for Cambell Plumbing located on Washington Ave. near the State Theater and later in Campbell Hall, N.Y.  My father left shortly after that and moved back to the Boston area.  I only had contact with my father three times after that, once during WW II when on leave from the Army he stopped by for about an hour on his way to Boston.  In the middle or late  50's I visited him at a VA Hospital in Harford, Conn. where he was hospitalized for severe injuries to his back.  That injury left him a paraplegic and confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life.  In the middle 60's I visited him in the Boston area where he lived in a small apartment and had a car with hand controls.  That was the last contact I had with with my father and his whereabouts after that are not known to me.  Prior to his accident he was married to a lady named Mary that later I found out was the sister of Bill Burnham's wife (Helen).  Arthur and Mary had one daughter, Marilyn.   Marilyn was raised by Bill and Helen after Mary passed away.  The last I knew Marilyn lived some where in North Carolina.

About 1955 I located William (Billy) Burnham in Katona, N.Y., where he managed a large kennel of Terrier show dogs.  Before managing the kennel Bill was a career Navy man spending at least twenty or more years at sea.  I spent a very enjoyable weekend with Bill and his wife and we talked about many things except the history of the family which I truly regret now.  I had the opportunity to meet my half sister for a short time that weekend, but again not much talk about family history.  Not to long after that visit they moved to somewhere in North Carolina and that was the last time I had any contact with them.

I may have met one of my father's sisters at my Niece's, Evelyn "Burnham" Kania, funeral in 1970.  If so that would have been my one and only contact with the Burnham girls.

Atwood Burnham married my sister, Evelyn Mildred Hoose, probably around 1933 or 34.  This union produced a daughter, Evelyn "Burnham" Kania.  Atwood like Billy was a career Navy man also spending most of his time at sea.  Atwood and my sister didn't stay married long, and after his service with the Navy ended he spent most of his time around the Brooklyn Navy Yards.  I had contact with Atwood once around the late 50's or early 60's when he visited his daughter for a while in Bullville, N.Y..  I think Atwood and his daughter stayed in touch, but that was the last time I saw him.  Evelyn "Burnham" Kania, like her mother, passed on at the age of 34 from a brain tumor. Her mother, Evelyn "Hoose" Burnham suffered from a rare blood disease.

My sincere thanks to Blanche "Canty" Yanovich" for all her information and pictures that helped create this history page and photo gallery.

Its hopeful this WEB PAGE will find some more information out there somewhere............

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