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The last time I remember seeing Avery Southwick was as a young boy, when at least once a year the family would make a trip to the Richmondville, N.Y. area for a weekend visit.  These were not the easiest of trips considering they were made in 1929 and 30 Fords and with at least two spares, extra tubes, tire irons and a lot of tube patch material.  In those days it was a venturious trip, at least five or six hours compared to two hours now.  Once every two years or so the Southwicks would make the same trip, in a 1929 Chevrolet, to visit us.

Avery was a jovial type who like to tell stories and sometimes a good joke.  I don't know if Avery had any relatives in the area, anyway I never heard mention of any.   He was married to Mary Acker, my mothers (Hattie Mae "Acker" Hoose) sister.  There were three children in the family, Elenore, Florence, Rosemary and one younger girl who was a foster child or adopted.  I should, but I can't remember her name.  Elenore and Florence were about six to eight years older than me.  Rosemary and I were about the same age and we got along well.  I am not sure if Avery was the father of these children or if they were from a possible earlier marriage by Mary Acker.

The Southwick Family worked on or managed several dairy farms in the area and in his later years Avery was employed by the Town, County or State Highway Dept.  At that time they lived in Richmondville.  Avery passed on around the mid 60's.  Mary, after Avery's death lived in Middleburg, N.Y. and worked as a seamstress out of her apartment until she passed, probably in the 70's or early 80's.

The girls I think stayed in the area,  or at least not too far away, married and raised families of their own.  It seems I can remember being told that Elenore and her husbund owned a camp ground somewhere around Cobleskill.  That is the last I heard anything of the Southwick Family.

How ever since the publishing of this Web Site in 2002 information has been sent to me from family members thatn I had lost touch with.  I now know that Mary Acker's first husbands name was Edwin Scutt Rivenburgh born 11/12/1899 and died 05/10/1928.  He married Mary E Acker on 09/05/1920.  Edwin and Mary  had three children.

Francis Maude Rivenburgh born 01/14/1922.  Died 1922.
Eleanor Belle Rivenburgh born 12/27/1922. Died 12/17/2006.
Florence Emma Rivenburgh born 12/13/1923.  Died 02/07/2008.

Mary later married Avery Clifford Southwick and they had two children.

Rosemary Southwick born 06/08/1931.  Died 11/29/1988.
Anne Southwick born 03/27/37.

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